Sunday, 23 May 2010

Writers and Artists

Yesterday, I went to the Opening of an Exhibition of paintings and photographs by my friend, Chris Lock at the North Wall Gallery and Arts Centre in Oxford. Chris and I taught together a very long time ago at Binley Park School, Coventry and we have stayed friends ever since.

A lot of my friends are artists. I admire and envy their facility. Art attracts me enormously, but I have no skill. I could blame being badly taught, or left handedness, but I have never been able to draw or paint or take a half way decent photograph.

Nevertheless, I feel a great affinity to visual artists and feel that we have lot in common. Our ways of expression may be different, but I can identify with their single mindedness, their interest in certain images, symbols and motifs that they will return to again and again to the point of obsession. They see things that the rest of us miss and look differently. I always feel I can learn a lot from them and that we are just dipping from a different stretch of the great and mysterious stream that is creativity.

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claires inner world said...

Interesting post - I agree with the similarity between writers and artists in regard to the constant revisiting of ideas and metaphors. My brother is an artist, a better one than I am writer! He lives in Oxford and had a show at the North Wall last year!

Robi said...

I disagree that you have no artistic skill! I have just finished reading Pirates! and I found you managed to paint the atmosphere and the places Minerva and Nancy live through very clearly - with words, instead of brushes and paints - but the images came out of the pages just as vividly as if they had been painted... I am now looking forward to reading more of what you have written.