Monday, 9 November 2009

A bit of a gap in blogging. Nothing in the summer because nothing was happening. then too much happening and no time to blog. That's if blogging is worthwhile anyway. From the number of responses, one does wonder. A lot of my writer friends blog and twitter all the time, but are we all talking to no-one about nothing? I'll go by the comments.

I've been busy editing (or trying to edit) my new book, now called The Fool's Girl. It's got a cover, and everything, just the writing isn't finished yet. It landed on my desk just as I had go on school visits and to festivals, here and in Germany. It's all done now and I've just sent it off, so I feel I have a right to blog.

I hope I get the edits back before I head off for Yorkshire. I'm tutoring a course with Melvin Burgess at the Arvon Centre in Lumb Bank, Yorkhire, Writing for Young People, 23 -28th November, 2009. It's a bit short notice, but if you fancy it, there are a few places left. Anyone interested book through Arvon

Book sent off and blog done. How virtuous am I?